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Internal Bookkeeping vs Hiring a CPA

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Small business and start-up owners are always under a constant financial pressure as their business is in the growth phase and hence, seeking third party support for financial matter, tax filing, legal matters, business advise and managing accounts can be an ideal choice for them in numerous ways. It is not unusual in today’s changing world that business owners till the very last extent try to manage their finances themselves, but when businesses grow so do their financial operations. Sooner or later all founders are faced with this decision to hire an internal accountant or an accountant online, preferably a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Both types of services have similar basic responsibilities including but not limited to:  

However, there are many ways in which internal bookkeeping and a CPA online are different and better than each other in their own ways. Ultimately, it is the job of the business owner, in choosing the best possible service, to take the right decision for their firm. 

Benefits of Bookkeepers

For many start-ups, a part-time bookkeeper may be a primary hire. Book keepers can take care of tasks such as maintaining general ledgers, completing financial reports, handling payrolls, and processing invoices.  

Business owners may constantly need to be in communication with their bookkeepers and have monthly meetings to ensure all financial matters have been dealt with properly. A regular and effective communication will very likely ensure good growth volumes, achieving sales and other company goals and more, as bookkeepers can inform you about the accurate growth status of your company. 

Here are some general tasks that a bookkeeper is capable of performing: 

  • Maintaining financial records such as ledgers, invoices, payment slips, tax documents. 
  • Keeping the financial numbers up to date  
  • Keeping all company accounts up to date 
  • Preparing the monthly and yearly financial report 
  • Preparing the regular financial status report of the company 
  • Manage payroll 

Benefits of CPAs

As much of a self-explanatory the term itself is, an online CPA or accountant is one providing accounting and bookkeeping services virtually. An online accountant will combine the best of the traditional accounting practices with effective cloud-based accounting software to manage the accounts and finances of your business. Some things that a CPA can bring to the table are as follows: 

  • Addressing legal requirements and communications: legal/compliance documents, annual audits. 
  • Preparing annual financial statements, statements of accounts, and other financial reports. 
  • Breakdown and analysis of company financial conditions. 
  • Evaluating financial decisions concerning company progress. 
  • Handling more complex tax matters like filing tax returns. 

Hiring a CPA is a great idea because as a business owner you can make sure that all information is being tracked appropriately. Additionally, they can also help you prepare your tax returns and conduct an annual analysis of your business.  

While making a decision about growing and scaling your business, a CPA can help you dive deep into the complexity of numbers to understand your existing opportunities and risks and help you make spot on financial decisions. They may also have recommendations that can help you function more efficiently as a business. 

CPAs are tax experts. They are well equipped with the necessary skill set to predict the right time to make a financial change or to alter the course of the finances. Having an online CPA enables businesses to have a go-to person for all related issues. For instance, if you decide to make a big change such as, moving, merging, business purchases, or closure, a CPA can help you a great deal in minimizing your costs, keeping you on track with your financial goals and targets while simultaneously analyzing all financial records. CPAs can at any point in time estimate and inform you about the fair market value of your business, meaning they can save you a lot of valuable time and effort. 

Making the Perfect Choice for Your Business

A bookkeeper has the basic skill set to help out with traditional accounting needs however, when it comes to more complicated and demanding accounting needs, a CPA is a good and smart choice for all start-ups. This is because of the plethora of additional services and helpful insight they bring to the table other than providing basic accountant services. 

Regardless of the size or complexity of a company, accounting is a core part of your business strategy, not an afterthought. It can be a great idea to start small and later get your books in order. As your business grows, you must be diligent enough to figure out how to make the right additions to your accounting staff, both internally and externally, so that you have the right information to progress, at the right time.  

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