Peak Reliance


Peak Reliance serve ALL business entities; corporations (C-Corporations and S-Corporations), limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships (general partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, and limited partnerships), and sole proprietorships. If you own or operate any type of business, WE can help YOU. 

Apart from day to day financial administration, Peak Reliance offer Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, which includes payroll services, monthly, quarterly. 

Accountants and bookkeepers perform distinctly different tasks for the businesses they serve. Bookkeepers are responsible for on-going maintenance of their clients’ general ledgers and Accountants use the accurate and up-to-date general ledger maintained by the bookkeeper to provide advisory services. 

The main difference between a CPA and a bookkeeper is that a CPA is focused on taxes – tax return filing, how to reduce tax liability, tax planning, and so on. A bookkeeper, on the other hand works on the financial health of your business. This includes day-to-day data entry and transactions classification, reconciliation of bank and credit card against the monthly statements, maintenance of accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting so you have the financial information that you need in order to make informed decisions. 

Bookkeepers are professionals and trained persons knows how to manage your financial information in the best way. 

Thanks to the cloud and videoconferencing options, there’s no longer any inherent advantage to meeting with a bookkeeper in person. You can share information from anywhere. In fact, working with a virtual bookkeeper means you have more options and can look for someone who specializes in bookkeeping for your industry. 

Yes, all bookkeepers at Peak Reliance are trained in professional bookkeeping practices and standards. Many have additional training and certifications and have experience working in a variety of bookkeeping and accounting positions. 

All bookkeeping software provides online services. Best practice is to connect your bank and credit card accounts to the online software platform that allow automatic integration of transactions and statements. Other documents like invoices and bills can be shared by scanning them to a secure, shared, cloud-based document storage platform such as drop-box, OneDrive, Google Drive. 

In the era of IT, we no longer need to work with a local bookkeeper. The internet and cloud technology makes it easy for bookkeepers to securely access their clients books anytime, anywhere. Business owners can now select a bookkeeper who truly understands their industry and operations, instead of hiring the local, community bookkeeper by default. 

Peak Reliance serve all U.S time zones and are available round the clock. 

Yes. Online uses the same encryption standards as banks. 

Peak Reliance specializes in QuickBooks Online, Xero, HubDoc,, ADP, Gusto, Paylocity, Paychex and more! 

In some instances, we can also provide support in QuickBooks Desktop. 

Depending on the size of your business, in-house bookkeeper may not require a full-time employee. This might make it more difficult to find someone who is willing to only work part time. In addition, there are additional costs to an in-house bookkeeper such as payroll taxes, insurance and other benefits, overhead for office space and equipment. An additional advantage of outsourcing the bookkeeping is that it is good practice to have independent eyes watching the bookwork. 

There are a variety of different ways you can reach out to your virtual bookkeeper. You can call them, communicate via email, set up virtual meetings, or do a combination of all three. We’ll use whatever method of communication you’re most comfortable with. 

Absolutely. Peak Reliance offer different bookkeeping packages which suits for individuals and small businesses as well. 

Peak Reliance charges a flat monthly fee based on your needs and requirements. 

Visit our pricing page to see all the packages. 

You can also take customize services, please contact us for further details. 

No, we’ll do this as a part of our work. 

Peak Reliance focuses in accounting and bookkeeping services for multi-unit businesses. We can manage the books for each individual location and give your insight into your business’s overall financial performance. 

Yes, we do provide bill pay services. 

Peak Reliance helps in managing your invoice reconciliation process and your revenue tracking. We don’t send invoices to your clients on your behalf, but we can set you up to do electronic invoicing on your own.  

Yes, Peak Reliance provide payroll services. We’ll ensure the details from each pay run are accounted for in your financial records and reconciled against your bank statement.