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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Hire A CPA

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When you own a start-up or a small business, the financial matters never end. From keeping cash inflow records to audits, managing accounts is a whole process that requires focused attention. To name a few considerations, you have the accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales figures, annual statements, payroll, projections, cash flow and taxes.  

Usually, when a business is just starting out, the financial tasks fall squarely on the owner’s shoulders. As tempting as it can be to maintain that arrangement once the money starts to flow, not only to avoid paying someone else to do it but also to avoid allowing someone else to have access to the information, it can become a tiring and mundane task in the long run.   

Trying to deal with all aspects of the business can and does eventually become a huge burden on a single person alone causing details to get overlooked, especially as the financial structure of the business begins to grow. 

Accounting and financial management errors can cost the business a great deal and can get super expensive. For an expert, accountant, to do the same task it will take a significantly less time and the accuracy will be guaranteed. It may be tempting to save up the cost of hiring a qualified accountant but you’re paying yourself for all those hours you spend recording, sorting, calculating, inputting, researching the latest changes in tax laws, etc. 

Also, accounting isn’t just about taxes. It’s also record-keeping, analyzing, financial planning and forecasting, and complying with state regulations. You must have a strong accounting system set-up, in order to obtain all the possible benefits of good accounting practices and consistently keep updating it with all pertinent data. This data can later be effectively used to understand the financial state of your company as the business changes and cultivates. 

It is true that for some part of this, you don’t necessarily need an accountant however, in some areas, it can be worth your while to get an accountant on board because they have knowledge and areas of expertise you may not have. If your tax situation turns into an audit situation, for example, you’ll want an accountant on that — most likely a certified public accountant (CPA). CPAs are state-certified to have up-to-date knowledge of tax laws and processes. This is the kind of familiarity that can improve your tax representation overall. 

CPAs are tax experts who can take a good legal care of your business’s taxes, answer important financial questions and potentially save your business money. While CPAs have accounting degrees, their certification differs from traditional accountants in many ways. 

CPAs, unlike generic accountants have passed the demanding Uniform CPA Exam that tests their understanding of tax laws and standard accounting procedures. Through this exam they obtain a state license, which includes ethical necessities. They must take professional education courses to maintain their license, and may lose it if they are found guilty of fraud, negligence or ethics violations.  

Some of the tasks that might benefit from accountant input include:

CPAs are equipped with hands on skills to help small businesses and start-ups with a lot of technical financial matters.

1. CPAs Can Help with Filing Tax Returns

One of the most beneficial skills that a CPA can provide is tax preparation. The years following the pandemic have been specially complicated due to consequent tax rules stemming. CPAs are very knowledgeable of the most recent tax laws and therefore, can help small business owners gather what they need to prepare and file their tax returns correctly. Also, they are qualified to help with complicated matters like the IRS audit.

2. CPAs Can Help Assess Changes in The Market

Living in the aftermath of the pandemic, there are likely to be so many changes related to small businesses book-keeping that only a professional will be able to understand. As a small business owner, you also don’t want to miss out on opportunities that may benefit your business. CPAs have a very good eye for changes in the current business climate and can support you navigate these rough waters.

3. CPAs Can Help with Payroll Management as Well

As a small business owner, one has to wear many hats. One of these hats includes payroll management. However, if this role is too overwhelming for you to handle yourself, a CPA is fully equipped to assist you. They will ensure that your employees are paid in a timely fashion and ensure the taxes and withholdings are correctly deducted.

4. CPAs Can Assist You in Setting Up Your Business

With so many unusual circumstances currently taking place in this business environment, it may be best for new small business startups to hire a CPA for correct and timely decision making. Sure, the costs related with hiring a CPA for a small business may be steep for a new business owner. However, with things as hectic as they are after the significant downfall of many economies, this would be an expense well worth it. They can help you choose the proper business structure for your business, such as sole proprietorship, LLC, C-Corp, and S-Corp. CPAs can also help with budgeting and cash flow projections during these times of devastating inflation. They can advise you on what accounting systems are best for keeping your small business finances organized.

5. Get Best Tax Experts Advice

Planning and documenting controls for a small business will be entirely different than doing an individual assessment, particularly assuming that you have workforce or clients in different locations. A CPA can set up your business charge archives, document your returns, and even encourage you on adopting ways of lessening your duty of responsibility. A CPA will likewise know about any legal duty changes and can go about as a agent assuming you’re assessed.

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